Experiments in Unliving: Biomorphism and the Insufficiency of Philosophy

This is the third, possibly the last, of an informal series of posts considering the relationship between unbound posthumanism and the Non-Philosophy of François Laruelle. Here, rather than vaingloriously attempting to criticize Laruelle’s work, I simply attempt to note some contrasts and affinities. To summarise: the positions or projects are akin insofar as they question the […]

Donald Davidson

  [Here’s an unpublished dictionary entry on Donald Davidson (from 2004). A modified version is to be found in the 2005 Edinburgh Dictionary of Continental Philosophy (John Protevi ed.)] Donald Davidson (b. 1917, d. 2003), American philosopher whose essays on language, mind and knowledge extend Quine’s attack on the reification of meaning and epistemological foundationalism. In […]

The Posthuman Aporia for Transhumanism I

Contemporary transhumanists argue that humans can be technologically re-engineered to free them from limitations which have hampered their life chances throughout history: ageing, disease, restricted cognitive capacities, underdeveloped social virtues, scarcity-based economic rationing. This ethic is premised on prospective developments the so-called ‘NBIC’ suite of technologies – Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Cognitive Science – supplying […]