On re-discovering the Analytic-Continental Divide

I’m currently in London following a three-day deep dive into continental philosophy at the Society of European Philosophy/Forum of European Philosophy Joint conference at Royal Holloway University in Egham (The text of my paper is available here). The quality of both panels and keynotes was extremely high, with some particularly impeccable scholarship on display. Adrian […]

Experiments in Unliving: Biomorphism and the Insufficiency of Philosophy

This is the third, possibly the last, of an informal series of posts considering the relationship between unbound posthumanism and the Non-Philosophy of François Laruelle. Here, rather than vaingloriously attempting to criticize Laruelle’s work, I simply attempt to note some contrasts and affinities. To summarise: the positions or projects are akin insofar as they question the […]

Donald Davidson

  [Here’s an unpublished dictionary entry on Donald Davidson (from 2004). A modified version is to be found in the 2005 Edinburgh Dictionary of Continental Philosophy (John Protevi ed.)] Donald Davidson (b. 1917, d. 2003), American philosopher whose essays on language, mind and knowledge extend Quine’s attack on the reification of meaning and epistemological foundationalism. In […]

The Posthuman Aporia for Transhumanism I

Contemporary transhumanists argue that humans can be technologically re-engineered to free them from limitations which have hampered their life chances throughout history: ageing, disease, restricted cognitive capacities, underdeveloped social virtues, scarcity-based economic rationing. This ethic is premised on prospective developments the so-called ‘NBIC’ suite of technologies – Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Cognitive Science – supplying […]