Evgeny Morozov -What is technological sovereignty?

Evgeny Morozov talks about financial and technological populism and the transition to an AI rentier economy. He argues that new data analysis and optimisation techniques have been weaponised by firms such as Google to address the consequences of the wave of financialisation that began with the freeing up of capital flows in the 1970’s. Since this […]

Reality Chunking: Review of DeLanda’s Philosophy and Simulation

Originally, written at the request of Deleuze Studies, who seem to have forgotten they asked somewhere along the way. Not to worry, it’s a great opportunity to show off this photo of a magnificent cumulonimbus (Thanks, by the way, to Craig Hickman for identifying said cloud). ********************************************************************* DeLanda, Manuel (2011), Philosophy and Simulation: The Emergence of Synthetic […]

Computer Music and Posthumanism

A possibly ill-advised idea for a presentation on computer music and posthumanism entitled “Computer Music and Posthumanism”. I will introduce two flavors of posthumanism: critical posthumanism (CP) and speculative posthumanism (SP) and provide an overview of some of the ways in which they might be explored by thinking through philosophical issues raised by computer music […]

The Condition of the Digital Image

There’s a very interesting and instructive conversation between Daniel Rourke and new media artist Hito Steyerl at Rhizome. Reading Steyerl’s remarks on Renais’ and Marker’s migration from Celluloid to Web I imagined them  evoking perplexity and amusement in cold degenerate matter storage long after the death of our sun.