Reza Negarestani’s Complexity Critique of Unbounded Posthumanism

Some initial thoughts about Reza Negerastani’s complexity critique of the Disconnection Thesis made during a recent New Centre Seminar: ‘The Future of Intelligence in the Age of Intellectual Scarcity’: The critique hinges on the claim that unbounded posthumanism depends on an instability analysis of complex systems. To wit, that in a dynamic system characterized by […]

Fragment on Biomorphic Posthumanism

  Biomorphs are always speculative or ‘critical bodies’, experiments in unliving. Posthumanism, unbound, provides a speculative deployment of life without limiting it with any vitalist distinction between life and matter or mechanism. It is a conceptual abattoir. Perhaps, some will remark that my use of ‘speculation’ here is disturbingly reminiscent of its financial sense. Perhaps […]

Hopeful Objects – a story for Christmas

A decanted truffle, not for Christmas; might not be part of some ongoing project provisionally entitled ‘Incomplete Engines’. ******************************************************************************* Another Blinded had found his way back to the Wing where our diminishing group resides. He’d scratched the bloody sockets to the bone with broken fingernails, frightened his eyes would grow back. Nobody thought this out […]