Dark Panpsychism: Philip Goff and Pandemonism

In his Nautilus article ‘The Universe Knows Right from Wrong’, Philipp Goff argues that panpsychism – the metaphysical thesis that the intrinsic properties of reality are properties of consciousness or ‘feels’ (or proto-phenomena, proto-feels) provides a metaphysical ground for objective truth about value. He argues that panpsychism affords an explanation for our ability to discern […]

Erotic Subtraction and Death Part I

I: Theoretical Preliminaries: Death, Subtraction and Posthuman Embodiment I want to consider the desire for death – the desire to die, to kill oneself, to be killed, etc. – as a mode in which the posthuman impulse to xenophilia (becoming/being other/becoming/being alien) achieves erotic expression and affective force.  To forestall any misunderstanding, here, ‘death lust’ […]

Void Theory

Out of deference to the Forgetting, Open removes a hot expresso cup from Null’s mastectomied chest, spills it black over genitals mutilated as lilies. Null takes it silent, losing another version of himself. Open waits, always in these periods, for the silent holes of divinity to crack. She and Null have become experiments in deformation. […]


(Reblogged from Identities Journal Lockdown series # 30) Can we afford us any longer? Bodies hurt too much. Their pleasures are less trauma than a geologic diarrhoea. It’s shameful a vaulting planetary economy still uses us – like discovering a cache of unused condoms under pristine sand. No wonder we dream disconnection, communism, or apocalypse; […]

Alexander Wilson on Nonhuman Aesthetics and Disconnection

  Alexander Wilson’s  paper ‘What Aesthetics Tells us About Posthumans’ (WA)  provides a synopsis of a challenging account of aesthetics developed at greater length in his new book Aesthesis and Perceptronium (AP). This is nothing less than an aesthetics generalized beyond the human phenomenology cited in philosophies of aesthetic judgement. I’m currently working through AP, […]

On re-discovering the Analytic-Continental Divide

I’m currently in London following a three-day deep dive into continental philosophy at the Society of European Philosophy/Forum of European Philosophy Joint conference at Royal Holloway University in Egham (The text of my paper is available here). The quality of both panels and keynotes was extremely high, with some particularly impeccable scholarship on display. Adrian […]

Transgression as Erotic Technology

Over on Facebook my friend Chaim Mendel posted up a disarmingly good question about the relationship between desire and transgression which has been nagging me a lot recently: Why is the forbidden so erotic? what is it about transgression that is so central to the nature of desire? Transgression or perversion isn’t only an erotic […]