Braidotti's Vital Posthumanism

Critical Posthumanists argue that the idea of a universal human nature has lost its capacity to support our moral and epistemological commitments. The sources of this loss of foundational status are multiple according to writers like Donna Haraway, Katherine Hayles (1999), Neil Badmington (2003), Claire Colebrook and Rosi Braidotti. They include post-Darwinian naturalizations of life […]

The Politics of Vermin: Anarchism and Relinquishment

There’s a very interesting discussion of the merits of Marxism and an Anarchist-Green politics set out in John Zerzan’s book Twilight of the Machines (which I’ll admit to downloading, not reading!) over at the (Dis)loyal Opposition to Modernity. As I understand from the gloss in the DOM post, Zerzan views technology as inherently alienating and destructive […]

Étienne Balibar – Anti-Humanism, and the Question of Philosophical Anthropology

Étienne Balibar presents an illuminating synopsis of debates between French humanists and anti-humanists  culminating in Foucault’s diagnosis in The Order of Things (Les mots et les choses)  here. Balibar sees Foucault’s book as a synthesis of two initially disparate critiques of philosophies founded on a conception of Man as the subject and object of philosophical […]


Levi has an interesting discussion here of the notion of autonomy in response to an article by Jeffrey Bell on the meaning of autonomous production in Marxist theory. The upshot, he claims, is that autonomy is not the passing absence of heteronomy. That is: Autonomy is not the untenable idea that reason is a free […]