Françoise Balibar: Nature is Only There Once

Françoise Balibar, Professor Emeritus of physics at the Université Denis Diderot, Paris VII gave a wonderful keynote on final day of the Philosophy After Nature conference in Utrecht whose title was drawn from Ernst Mach’s aphorism Die Natur ist nur einmal da (Nature is there only once). Here she discussed the philosophical implications of failures of univocity […]

Structuralism and its Objects

There’s a traumatic process of recantation and scapegoating going on among former users of the French form of structuralism that developed in the linguistics of Ferdinand de Saussure (take Levi Bryant’s post here). The stock of structuralism has never been so low. For example, its apparent inability to conceptualize the difference between the sense and reference […]

The Real Thing: Art and Speculative Realism

The point of departure shared by all four of the original Speculative Realists – Quentin Meillasoux, Iain Hamilton Grant, Graham Harman and Ray Brassier – is that the real must be thought independently of its connection to mind or human action. Claims for the autonomy of reality are not new and – within the Anglo-American philosophical […]