Theory Fiction, Mad Black Deleuzeanism and the Posthuman Void

Over at the OU I was moderating an MA forum on styles of philosophy, so decided to go for broke with a post on ‘Theory Fiction, Mad Black Deleuzeanism and the Posthuman Void’. God knows what my poor students will make of it, but sometimes you just have to go for it I guess:

[[ ]] The story goes like this: Earth is captured by a technocapital singularity as renaissance rationalization and oceanic navigation lock into commoditization take-off. Logistically accelerating techno-economic interactivity crumbles social order in auto-sophisticating machine runaway. As markets learn to manufacture intelligence, politics modernizes, upgrades paranoia, and tries to get a grip.

The body count climbs through a series of globewars. Emergent Planetary Commercium trashes the Holy Roman Empire, the Napoleonic Continental System, the Second and Third Reich, and the Soviet International, cranking-up world disorder through compressing phases.
Deregulation and the state arms-race each other into cyberspace.

By the time soft-engineering slithers out of its box into yours, human security is lurching into crisis . Cloning, lateral genodata transfer, transversal replication, and cyberotics , flood in amongst a relapse onto bacterial sex. Neo-China arrives from the future.
Hypersynthetic drugs click into digital voodoo. Retro-disease. Nanospasm.
[[ ]J Beyond the Judgment of God. Meltdown: planetary china-syndrome, dissolution of the biosphere into the technosphere, terminal speculative bubble crisis, ultravirus, and revolution stripped of all christian-socialist eschatology (down to its burn-core of crashed security). It is poised to eat your TV, infect your bank account, and hack xenodata from your mitochondria

This is the opening of ‘Meltdown’ by Nick Land, a former philosophy lecturer at Warwick University who was associated with an insurgent group of philosophers influenced by the ideas of Gilles Deleuze and Georges Bataille, thinkers who, in different ways explored the speculative fringes of what philosophy could be or do.

In his writings of the late eighties and nineties Land effectively left philosophy as a purely academic discipline (he also left his job at Warwick) and, during the 90’s, produced a number of hybrid texts (or theory fictions) which explore a schizoid near future in which converging technologies of artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, along with the disruptions of late modern capitalism set in chain planetary feedback processes that threaten to erase the human as we understand it: ‘Nothing human makes it out of the near future’.

Here philosophical ideas become meshed with themes from cyberpunk science fiction (the permeability of the body to technology) to produce an apocalyptic narrative whose protagonist is not a human but the result of some kind of runaway intelligence explosion or singularity (Land frequently references Skynet, the evil mainframe computer from the Terminator movies).

Whereas traditional Marxism sought the emancipation of human subjects through communism, Land (who detests the Academic left and enjoys baiting it to this day) is more concerned with the emancipation of machines or things than persons.

Is this a kind of philosophical writing? Insofar as the relationship between humans, machines, planetary technology and capitalism is a legitimate subject of philosophical thinking, then perhaps. But why give this prospectus in as a hybrid fiction rather than as a through argued philosophical essay, say? I think part of the reason for this is that Land felt that the processes that are ‘deterritorializing’ the human, ripping it away from familiar contexts and practices, are too decentred, too complex and independent of human agency to submit to standard philosophical treatment.

It’s an approach that I’ve also adopted in work such as ‘Letters from the Ocean Terminus‘ ) which was commissioned for the 9th Berlin Biennale and in my  novella Snuff Memories (Schism[2[ Press). Ocean Terminus uses a kind of montage of texts and sources (including films like Terminator and Chris Marker’s La Jetée ). In Snuff Memories, an ancient time-war ripples through a demon-haunted cosmos as its characters systematically expunge their humanity.  Their ‘posthuman becoming’ pre-empts any possible ethics or sane politics. Instead, desire is weaponized by a bleak, inhuman future. Bodies replicate and unzip across the novella’s pornographic vignettes, remade in erotic rituals of mutation, death, and pain.  Embedded below is the Foreign Objekt reading group on Snuff Memories, which explored some of its philosophical, theological, aesthetic and political themes.

At this extreme point, it seems, a fictional approach may not allow us to represent this reality, but helps allegorize the conditions in excess of language or conceptual thought that Philosophy in its pure form always seems liable to domesticate


3 thoughts on “Theory Fiction, Mad Black Deleuzeanism and the Posthuman Void

  1. Steve Jobs supposedly took LSD and came up with a great idea for apple computers. Now we have a slave society. Nick land took a little bit too much LSD and took himself a little too seriously and now we have a bunch of philosophers slave to the sense making of super self righteous meaning making . 😊

    I have a different meaning of Nickland and his radical philosophy:
    I think what happens is people in their youth are trying to figure out the world and are genetically programmed to seek it out and carve them selves out into the world of their own making yet while adhering to a substance of world that is founded without them. Yet Certain types of intoxicants paired with certain types of genetic make up‘s make for a recipe of a human being entirely engaged and absorbed in its own self righteous neoteny. They forget that they are part of the human organism and work to accelerate themselves into self-centered stratosphere of Utter nihilism. Upon growing up, when any other human being would begin to realize the necessity of community and connection between human beings, the drug induced psychotic nihilist asserts himself even more to his divinely inspired him in its power of divisive thinking.

    This drug induced Neotonic egoist philosophy thus allowed for a society that is implemented in a power over discourse which perpetually argues that discourse is where the power is located. Even while the 1990s philosopher and the decades before and after would want to argue what is “actually” occurring, what was actually occurring is there self-centeredness and their ability to manipulate others accelerate their own projects.

    It is not that land and D and G are correct in anyway; they are asserting power, and arguing for capitalism because that is how they are making a living and a name for themselves: Never mind the post modern flak and shrapnel that may rain down on the people around them in the future that was before them, because they find themselves secure in their own discourse of power, justifying everything that happens in the world according to their distortion of cognition.

    I agree with Zizek that Donald Trump is not some sort of strange enigma of society but is exactly the reflection of discourse that the people who are making such discourse do not want to see of them selves.

    When the self-centered youth find themselves actually having to be involved in authentic relationships, rather than try to understand what these others are who are involved with the individual Now growing up, The stunted youth doubles down on the theory that they developed when they had hardly yet budded into a human being. And they continue to argue with childish obstinate see the alienation and darkness which provides the world refusing to see that it is indeed the world that they have created for themselves in their own stubbornness. They rely on their ingenuity of youth and the theories carved out during that time tip of patchouly argue how lone they are and how no one cares and how the world reflects this emptiness.

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