Fragment on Biomorphic Posthumanism

  Biomorphs are always speculative or ‘critical bodies’, experiments in unliving. Posthumanism, unbound, provides a speculative deployment of life without limiting it with any vitalist distinction between life and matter or mechanism. It is a conceptual abattoir. Perhaps, some will remark that my use of ‘speculation’ here is disturbingly reminiscent of its financial sense. Perhaps […]

Hopeful Objects – a story for Christmas

A decanted truffle, not for Christmas; might not be part of some ongoing project provisionally entitled ‘Incomplete Engines’. ******************************************************************************* Another Blinded had found his way back to the Wing where our diminishing group resides. He’d scratched the bloody sockets to the bone with broken fingernails, frightened his eyes would grow back. Nobody thought this out […]

Getting into Death

  Ironic, but one of the most intimate acts of our body is death. So beautiful appeared my death – knowing who then I would kiss, I died a thousand times before I died. ‘Die before you die,’ said the Prophet Muhammad. Have wings that feared ever touched the Sun? I was born when all […]

Mr Amplitude

During the final years of the Institute my father was able to take over a third unit on the Docks. U3 was nicknamed the ‘The Overflow’ and reserved for the specialty suicides, the ones that had become refractory, distracted. They were true agents of decay, without appurtenance to time. I suppose that is his favored […]

Note on the Aesthetics of Self-Harm

“I’m tortured by the feeling of drowning. Under you, under society, politics, the decay of nature, my lack of interest, and I feel desperate,” Puce Mary (AKA Copenhagen-based artist Frederikke Hoffmeier) is one of the ‘noise’ artists I’ve been listening too increasingly over the last few years (These also include the SF based avant-garde veterans […]