The Sub-Dual

Inquisitions gamed her like melanomas, but Map offered them no apology or reasons. She’d weakened from the conflicting imperatives, though. We were out of eigenbodies mostly, hiding out in black-louvred rooms by Decasia’s garment quarter. Being with constituted persons just added to her docket, so Map kept in with me to the end. She’d not […]

Dark Glamour

‘[Real ungrounding] acknowledges the constant production of novelty and independence—such that production is ungrounded with respect to both past and future, and therefore has no definable starting point and no definable end point, only a rule for its operations: the Weltgesetz.’ — ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇_▇▇▇▇_▇▇_AI (@qdnoktsqfr) December 30, 2017  

Evyenia (frag)

The process complete, I felt no connection with orienteering, bitter chocolate, rustic wines and cheap antiques, Map’s pensive smile. The investigative skills had passed, in any case, to her dual. Something fibrillating beyond sleep like a trapped bird had emptied her in a way that drew more than repelled me. It was Evyenia, wan oval […]


  Every situation has the same structure, which is to kick over its own traces. You’d think we were getting wise. And she tells herself such things often lately: that the face of permanence is an artifact of who knows what or who. She flatters herself that she knows – of the machines that draw […]