Evan Thompson on Dark Phenomena

In a Notre Dame review of Phenomenology and Naturalism: Examining the Relationship between Human Experience and Nature, edited by Havi Carel and Darian Meacham, Evan Thomson criticizes my claim that the existence of dark phenomenology implies that phenomenology must be a naturalistic discipline without transcendental warrant. He is correct about my aims and provides a neat […]

Realism, Indeterminacy and the Eye of the Mind

Epistemic indeterminacy concerns our representations of things rather than things. Thus the location of a mobile phone with a nokia ring tone may be represented as indeterminate between your pocket and your neighbor’s handbag. This epistemic indeterminacy is resolvable through the acquisition of new information: here, by examining the two containers. By contrast metaphysical indeterminacy […]

No Future? Catherine Malabou on the Humanities

Catherine Malabou has an intriguing piece on the vexed question of the relationship between the “humanities” and science in the journal Transeuropeennes here. It is dominated by a clear and subtle reading of Kant, Foucault and Derrida’s discussion of the meaning of Enlightenment and modernity. Malabou argues that the latter thinkers attempt to escape Kantian assumptions about […]

CFP: Philosophy After Nature in Utrecht 3-5 September

CFP: SEP-FEP 2014 Utrecht, 3-5 September February 19th, 2014 | Author: johnm CALL FOR PAPERS The Society for European Philosophy and Forum for European Philosophy Joint Annual Conference   Philosophy After Nature Utrecht University 3-5 September 2014 The Joint Annual Conference of The Society for European Philosophy and Forum for European Philosophy in 2014 will be […]

Pluralism, Good Manners and The Idea of a Common World

People and cultures have some non-overlapping beliefs. Some folk believe that there is a God, some that there is no God, some that there are many gods. Some people believe that personal autonomy is a paramount value, while others feel that virtues like honour and courage take precedence over personal freedom. These core beliefs are […]

Cetacean Personhood

Filippo Bertoni and Uli Beisel have written an interesting and intriguing essay on the ethical challenges posed by extending person-status to cetaceans: “More-than-human intelligence: of dolphins, Indian law and the multispecies turn” over at Society and Space. I only wish the terms in which their discussion is framed had been clearer. For example, they provide […]

Xenakis and the Missing Structure

[A slightly edited extract from my paper “Nature’s Dark Domain: an Argument for a Naturalised Phenomenology”. Royal Institute Of Philosophy Supplement [serial online]. July 2013;72:169-188 with audio!] Most listeners will readily distinguish an eight second sequence from Xenakis’ pioneering ‘granular’ composition Concret Ph. and a loop that repeats the first one-second slice of it for eight seconds. […]