Xenakis and the Missing Structure

[A slightly edited extract from my paper “Nature’s Dark Domain: an Argument for a Naturalised Phenomenology”. Royal Institute Of Philosophy Supplement [serial online]. July 2013;72:169-188 with audio!] Most listeners will readily distinguish an eight second sequence from Xenakis’ pioneering ‘granular’ composition Concret Ph. and a loop that repeats the first one-second slice of it for eight seconds. […]

CFP: The Posthuman: Differences, Embodiments, Performativity

The Posthuman: Differences, Embodiments, Performativity Call For Papers September 11th – 14th 2013, University of Roma 3, Rome, Italy The University of Roma 3, the University Erlangen-Nürnberg, the University of the Aegean and Dublin City University are pleased to announce: The 5th Conference of the Beyond Humanism Conference Series The specific focus of the Conference […]

Kundera on Xenakis

Milan Kundera perfectly encapsulates what is great about Xenakis: Even being a “prophet of unfeelingness,” Joyce was able to remain a novelist; Xenakis, on the other hand, had to leave music. His innovation was different in nature from that of Debussy or of Schoenberg. Those two never lost their ties to the history of music, […]

Radical Computer Music

SYGNOK & The War For Radical Computer Music Here’s intriguing extract from a film about Gæoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen, originator of Radical Computer Music. RCM is not merely made with computers but designed for computers; or, more specifically, for prospective artificial intelligences/life forms that do not currently exist. I need to research this further. RCM […]