The Analytic of the Vile

    [See also Posthuman Life, pp. 96-103, section 4.3] Charles Stross’ science fiction novel Accelerando provides a vivid and blackly funny portrayal of a transition from a merely transhuman to a genuinely posthuman world. In Accelerando, the Singularity has arrived by the 22nd Century (Vinge 1993). The self-improving AI’s that now run the world […]

Autonomy and Modularity

  Autonomous systems of the kind that we can conceive as emerging from our technology are liable to be modular assemblages of elements that can couple opportunistically with other entities or systems, creating new assemblages whose powers and dispositions are transformed and dynamically put into play by such couplings. The best way of representing modularity […]

Parochial Posthumanisms

There’s a lively post by Uppinder Mehan over at IEET which amusingly illustrates why it is  problematic to cash-out human status in terms of gross substrate similarly (two upper limbs, no claws, no spidey senses, etc. ). However, Mehan’s argument still depends on  equally question-begging transhumanist assumptions about the substrate invariance of the human. Bottom line: Humans are […]

Internal Realism and Correlationism

Over at Agent Swarm, Terrence Blake claims that Quentin Meillassoux’s notion of correlationism  is excessively narrow since it disqualifies realist positions which respond to worries about access, objectivity and truth raised by transcendental philosophers from Kant through to Husserl, and Heidegger. I’m not sure if Meillassoux’s speculative solution works and I share his worries about Harman’s OOO. But I don’t see any reason to doubt […]