CFP: Philosophy After Nature in Utrecht 3-5 September

CFP: SEP-FEP 2014 Utrecht, 3-5 September February 19th, 2014 | Author: johnm CALL FOR PAPERS The Society for European Philosophy and Forum for European Philosophy Joint Annual Conference   Philosophy After Nature Utrecht University 3-5 September 2014 The Joint Annual Conference of The Society for European Philosophy and Forum for European Philosophy in 2014 will be […]

Cetacean Personhood

Filippo Bertoni and Uli Beisel have written an interesting and intriguing essay on the ethical challenges posed by extending person-status to cetaceans: “More-than-human intelligence: of dolphins, Indian law and the multispecies turn” over at Society and Space. I only wish the terms in which their discussion is framed had been clearer. For example, they provide […]

Accelerationism and Posthumanism II

Accelerationism combines a transhumanist techno-optimism with a Marxist analysis of the dynamic between the relations and forces of production. Its proponents argue that under capitalism, modern technology is constrained by myopic and socially destructive goals. They argue that rather than abandoning technological modernity for illusory homeostatic Eden we should exploit and ramp up its incendiary […]

Braidotti's Vital Posthumanism

Critical Posthumanists argue that the idea of a universal human nature has lost its capacity to support our moral and epistemological commitments. The sources of this loss of foundational status are multiple according to writers like Donna Haraway, Katherine Hayles (1999), Neil Badmington (2003), Claire Colebrook and Rosi Braidotti. They include post-Darwinian naturalizations of life […]

Rebecca Saxe and Clockwork Orange 2.0   In this excellent presentation Saxe claims that Transcranial Magnetic Simulation applied to the  temporo-parietal junction (TPJ) – a region specialized for mentalizing in human adults – can improve the effectiveness of moral reasoning by improving our capacity to understand other human minds. This suggests an interesting conundrum for moral philosophers working in the Kantian […]

Ray Brassier on Transhumanism and its Critics   In this highly illuminating talk from EXPO1 at MOMA, Ray proposes that there is nothing inherently wrong with the transhuman reengineering of nature on the “promethean” grounds that nature has no ethical dispensation. Thus there is no natural, ontological or theological order violated by the extension of human cognitive powers or by the […]

CFP: The Posthuman: Differences, Embodiments, Performativity

The Posthuman: Differences, Embodiments, Performativity Call For Papers September 11th – 14th 2013, University of Roma 3, Rome, Italy The University of Roma 3, the University Erlangen-Nürnberg, the University of the Aegean and Dublin City University are pleased to announce: The 5th Conference of the Beyond Humanism Conference Series The specific focus of the Conference […]