CFP: The Posthuman: Differences, Embodiments, Performativity

The Posthuman: Differences, Embodiments, Performativity Call For Papers September 11th – 14th 2013, University of Roma 3, Rome, Italy The University of Roma 3, the University Erlangen-Nürnberg, the University of the Aegean and Dublin City University are pleased to announce: The 5th Conference of the Beyond Humanism Conference Series The specific focus of the Conference […]

The Analytic of the Vile

    [See also Posthuman Life, pp. 96-103, section 4.3] Charles Stross’ science fiction novel Accelerando provides a vivid and blackly funny portrayal of a transition from a merely transhuman to a genuinely posthuman world. In Accelerando, the Singularity has arrived by the 22nd Century (Vinge 1993). The self-improving AI’s that now run the world […]

Autonomy and Modularity

  Autonomous systems of the kind that we can conceive as emerging from our technology are liable to be modular assemblages of elements that can couple opportunistically with other entities or systems, creating new assemblages whose powers and dispositions are transformed and dynamically put into play by such couplings. The best way of representing modularity […]