Transcript of a paper given at Nottingham University’s Psychoanalysis and the Posthuman Conference, Sept 7, 2010. Mankind’s a dead issue now, cousin. There are no more souls. Only states of mind.[1]   Since emerging in nineties critical theory, transhumanism and cyberpunk literature, the term ‘posthuman’ has been used to mark a historical juncture at which the […]

Virnor Vinge Interview

http://singularityblog.singularitysymposium.com/?powerpress_embed=9537-podcast&powerpress_player=default   Socrates (AKA Nikola Danaylov) has a rare interview with mathematician, science fiction writer and speculative futurist Virnor Vinge. Vinge articulates the difference between the Singularity and previous technical change thus: You could explain the internet or intercontinental jet travel to someone from an earlier phase of technological history Mark Twain or Ghengis. Explaining […]

Harman on Patterns and Harms

Quentin Meillassoux’s  coinage ‘correlationism’ refers to any position which holds that thought can only think the relation between thought and its object; never the object as an absolute without relation to cognition. Kantianism and transcendental phenomenology are correlationisms. They conceive objectivity as an invariant structure of possible experience. Husserl conceives physical objectivity in terms of […]

Structuralism and its Objects

There’s a traumatic process of recantation and scapegoating going on among former users of the French form of structuralism that developed in the linguistics of Ferdinand de Saussure (take Levi Bryant’s post here). The stock of structuralism has never been so low. For example, its apparent inability to conceptualize the difference between the sense and reference […]