Disconnection, Unbinding and Practice: Posthumanism as (maybe not) Non-Philosophy

Disconnection Speculative posthumanism (SP) is concerned with the prospect of a posthuman reality emerging from the technological alteration of the human one. This technological focus comports with a general concern with human-made futures that don’t include us. Outside fiction, our moral concern for a nonhuman future is prompted by the theorised potential of technology to […]

Disconnection, Unbinding and Practice

Abstract for my keynote at the Malta Connections conference: Speculative posthumanism (SP) conceives posthumans as agents made “inhuman” by a technological disconnection or “withdrawal” from human social systems. Becoming posthuman is not a matter of losing an essential property of humanity, but of moving from one environment into another (Roden 2014; 2012). However, SP exhibits […]

Gillespie/Woodard: the subject of speculation

Teresa Gillespie’s video/sound montage from body horror movies evokes the matter hell of an inhuman nature on which the human subject is asymmetrically dependent. As Ben Woodard observes in his commentary on Schelling’s Naturphilosophie, this can still be described as a rational acknowledger of norms; but to treat it as conceptually independent of its ground ignores the complicity […]