Braidotti Interviewed on the Posthuman

Rosi Braidotti provides a lively overview of the intellectual backdrop to posthumanism here. It’s interesting that she rejects the conception of technology as the “other” – a topic that also exercised Lenny Moss,Robert Pepperell and I at the Gazelli Art House.

4 thoughts on “Braidotti Interviewed on the Posthuman

  1. Path dependency in action!
    “And how is this post-human?” is a question she never answers.
    It’s hard to see how this discourse can have any relevance to the processes it purports to illuminate. The further I leave it behind, the more obviously magical it becomes.

  2. I like Braidotti’s synoptic overview of French anti-humanism – she spins a good yarn – and she has interesting readings of thinkers like Deleuze. I’m less clear that her posthumanism is coherent. A lot of this probably revolves around thinking the human-technology difference. And it extends to her politics. It’s not enough to valorise vital/democratic becomings if we not in a position to know what it is we are becoming, or capable of becoming.

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