One thought on “Owen Flanagan and Alex Rosenberg talk Naturalism!

  1. This is a great vid, though I’m curious as to why Flanagan was so soft on Rosenberg. The signature shortcoming of Rosenberg’s global intentional eliminativism is that he, like eliminativists before him, has no way of actually explaining what intentionality is, why the illusion is so powerful, and how we can see our through it, re-regiment our discourse such that we can still exploit the heuristic power of intentional terms without running afoul misapplications, or lapsing into the ontologizations of the intentional that have generated so much confusion. This is what made Churchland’s eliminativism such a nonstarter, for instance. Correctness is such an *obvious* component of cognition that any theory that simply ignores it will be dismissed out of hand.

    I mention all this, of course, to plug my own view, which, although far from complete, I think offers more than enough ways forward as to deserve some serious scrutiny:

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