Epic Object-Oriented Flame War!



There’s an epic flame war over at Three Pound Brain in response to Scott Bakker’s discussion of Levi Bryant’s Object Oriented Ontology. I’m sitting this one out like my hero Custard the Cat. In part because, I’m just too busy and in part cos’ I don’t want to distract Scott from the trudge to Golgotterath and the moral necessity of euthanizing our immortal souls.

One thought on “Epic Object-Oriented Flame War!

  1. Ayuh. This is a great example of how history can come back and bite you in the ass. I had no idea that so many passions had been left hanging in the background. Kudos to Levi for throwing himself into the breach. That said, if you guys think this is a bona fide FLAME war then you don’t get out enough!

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