Graham Harman and Semiconductor at Cafe Oto

Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt) will be presenting a sound art piece using aggregated seismic data from around the world at Cafe Oto in London, Thursday 15 November (A new venue to me, but after a look at their website I’m intending to be a habitué). Also on are computer music artist Valentina Vuksic and Graham Harman, who’ll be presenting a short piece on the philosophy of sound. Looks like a great event so I’m semi-certain to be there.

My own non-Object Oriented take on sound can be found here Sonic Art and the Nature of Sonic Events

7 thoughts on “Graham Harman and Semiconductor at Cafe Oto

  1. Hi David,

    Do you know if Harman actually will be there to present his piece? Because he just mentioned on his blog that he was writing it, and from what it says on Oto’s site it rather seems that it is just the print that will be available.

    It’s a great venue, though. London’s no.1 place for sound art and experimental music.



  2. Hi Jon,

    I subsequently saw that Graham was married recently, so he’s probably taking a well deserved rest from his perennial globetrotting . But, yes, I will try to make it. I’m on the OTO mailing list now, too. 🙂

  3. Yes, I think so too. And I think that he’s got a number of lectures in London early next year anyway.

    Great, it’s a nice place. I’ll might go to this event too, btw, so maybe I’ll see you there?

  4. Yeah me too. I sent you a FR on Facebook, so feel free to drop me a msg in case you decide to stop by.

    (Great text on BrassierChurchland btw; might use it in the neurophilosophy-group at Goldsmiths).

    1. Thanks Jon. The Brassier/Churchland piece is obviously a very narrow take on a tiny part Ray’s work, but it may develop into something more wide-ranging at some point. 🙂

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