Abstract of my talk at the London French Institute

I’m presenting a 20 minute lecture entitled: Humanism, Transhumanism and Posthumanism at the Institut français du Royaume-Uni’s all-night philosophy marathon. The 7pm to 7am programme promises a fantastic line up of philosophers, films, performances, a bistro and galaxies of free caffeine.

Here’s the abstract:

The Humanist and the transhumanist propose different methods for cultivating human capacities. The transhumanists claims that traditional techniques favoured by the humanist run up against the limits of our biology. She believes that prospective technologies could further the humanist cause by improving our nature. However, the transhumanist faces a difficulty. Her policies could produce posthumans. Evaluating posthuman lives might be impossible for us. But discounting them is not an option because she will share responsibility for their creation. I argue that one way through this impasse is for the transhumanist to produce posthumans or to become posthuman.

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