Posthuman Ecology

Work is being produced at the interface of the bioscience, plastic and visual art, architecture and philosophy that reimagines ecology as a technique of relational technogenesis rather than as the search for a pre-lapsarian presence or balance. Practitioners of this speculative engineering frequently employ Deleuze and Guattari’s notion of the assemblage and Haraway’s figure of the cyborg – “creatures simultaneously animal and machine who populate worlds ambiguously natural and crafted” – as ways of thinking about emergent but decomposable wholes whose parts are not defined by their origin in proprietary regions such as “nature” or “culture”, “the human” or “the nonhuman”.
Rachel Armstrong – protocell engineer, architect and theorist – is one of the leading thinkers and makers in this interdisciplinary field. Her article “The Ecological Human” on the NextNature site offers an appropriately roomy synthesis of emergentist metaphysics, singulatarianism, and slime aesthetics. Armstrong also links to a preview of this evidently great work of Dada-Cyber-Erotica by filmmaker Hans Scheirl. Enjoy.

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