Posthuman Life

I’m very pleased to announce the signing of the contract for my book Posthuman Life: Philosophy at the Edge of the Human with Acumen. P-Life will encapsulate the critical, metaphysical and political implications of Speculative Posthumanism. EnemyIndustry will continue as an ideas nursery, development hell and scratchpad during the writing process. Expect swarm intelligences, vampiric super-individualists, exo-selves and planet-sized suppositions.

Conversing with the Deep Ones who’ve responded to my maggots over the last couple of years has been a fun and productive way to think about the key issues that P-Life will have to address. I look forward to being disabused by you some more over the coming year.



4 thoughts on “Posthuman Life

  1. Dear Dr. Roden,

    I am sincerely looking forward to your book. I am a biologist, biochemist and new media artist working on a concept of creating a trans-species of human and algae (humalga :). Please drop me a line when the book is published, I will be one of the first to purchase it. And good luck with the writing!

    Špela Petri?

    1. Dear Špela,

      Many thanks for your message. I’m (I hope) in the last few months of editing now!

      Your work looks fascinating. I discuss the art-technology relationship in the final chapter where I consider the ethics of becoming posthuman, so work such as the humalgae project is most relevant. Can you suggest any articles about your work that I can follow up?
      Cheers, David

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