We Are All Cylons (Movie)


I stupidly missed the London screening of this prize-winning indie documentary back in April, so I don’t know when I’ll get to see it. On the strength of this preview, Director Ilana Rein has produced an intelligent, layered exploration of BSG’s themes, iconography and audience culture.

Diatribes against “humanism”, “species relativism” and “anthropocentrism” abound in many quarters, but answering the question ‘What does it mean to be human?’ remains vital for understanding what it means to be non- or inhuman: for example, what might ceasing to be human involve? It’s a truism that Battlestar Galactica was one of the few popular entertainments that addressed this issue with speculative rigor; but that does not make it any less true. As I argue here it has a consistent exploration of the not-unrelated issue of justice.


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